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Make your home, office, workplace a place to retreat to; to escape from the stress of your daily life ... A water feature, the perfect antidote for the stressful modern life and a great decoration for any of your corners..

Decorate Your Life With Us!

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Our Services


We manufacture all kinds fibreglass products. Specialize in design & build


  • Waterfeature 

  • Waterwall

  • Waterfountain

  • Pond & Filteration system

  • Landscaping

  • Chengai decking & Trellis​

Do you know?



Safety is everyone's business. Pond Image design & construction is proud to be certified Bizsafe3.



In Fengshui, wealth corresponds to elements of water. Its wise to incoporate a pond / feature in the house / office, to enhance the flow of wealth in the family / office.